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Below are some things we have learned over the years about Yahoo! Mail.  We hope that by providing these to you we can improve the reliability of the delivery of the Severe Weather Alerts to your Yahoo! Mail, att.net and sbcglobal.net email account

1. I didn't receive my confirmation message.

If you are retrieving your Yahoo! email using an email client like Outlook Express, Outlook or any other POP3 client you need to be aware that you will not be sent the items in your SPAM folder.  Sometimes Yahoo! will put our messages (along with messages that you may want from other people) in your SPAM folder.  The only way to view the items in your SPAM folder is to use the web interface which may be accessed using http://mail.yahoo.com or http://att.my.yahoo.com or http://dsl.sbc.yahoo.com.

To prevent this problem you can login to your email account using one of the above links and disable SPAM filtering.  This will get you some unwanted email, but our messages will get through to your POP3 client. 

2. I am not receiving any alerts.

Please see number 1 above.



















Written by Stuart Schaffert, WeatherWarn Sysop
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